Are you still hesitating to visit us at this fabulous plant festival, in a sumptuous setting?
Here's what can decide you without a doubt.

A retrospective on our history in Chantilly.

But the story does not begin there, in 2014, with the latest editions of the Courson Plant Show.


Courson Plant Show - Spring 2014

We have the chance to sit behind the castle, not far from the canal, in the shade of trees, which is not luxury for this WE flooded with a promising sun.
We are pleased. We have a lot of space compared to the nurserymen placed in the squares next to the castle.

We try to highlight our plants and make ourselves known.
In particular, we offer didactic leaflets explaining the appearance of horticultural and botanical varieties of conifer: mutation, alteration, hybridization and witches' brooms.

Ness became the pride of the plant fairs and the confidante of all the nurserymen. The large landscaped areas of the domain have no secrets for her.



Courson plant Show - Autumn 2014

It is with a real pleasure that we find the wonderful castle of Courson in the fall.
We learn, as well as all, the secret so well kept by the spouses Fustiers: This edition will be the last edition in Courson.
The prestigious torch is transmitted, not without emotion, to the Domain of Chantilly.


We focus on fall colors and bring a fragment of our Ginkgo biloba collection.
In Bastogne, we have a collection of more than 140 cultivars, which get lost in the meanders of our gardens.
At Courson, we present about thirty potted and more than 100 in the form of a herbarium.

Ness meets with joy, her friends of the plant festivals of the '2 caps' nursery.

Couson Plant Show in Chantilly - Spring 2015

We discover with a lot of humility The Domain of Chantilly. A page turns, a new story begins.


For the first time, we offer Kalmias, plants that we cherish and do not meet often.
We bring a remarkable subject, raised in Belgium. It is all the rage.


Couson Plant Show in Chantilly - Autumn 2015

The liquidambars are honored and line the moat of the castle. They replace the Cornus Venus of spring.


This fall, we focus on three single-species conifers coming straight from prehistory (In Chantilly, we were talking about transmission): Ginkgo biloba, Sciadopitys verticillata and Wollemia nobilis.
Our selection: the Gingko biloba 'BZN', a Dutch win, passes on the 5th french Channel.



Chantilly plant Show - Spring 2016

The transition is made. The public has adopted Chantilly.



Chantilly Plant Show - Autumn 2016


This season, we decided to put the package and present our choices of plants in masses, plenty of colors.
We get our first gold ribbon. They were Silver so far.





We are very pleased to meet Peter Schrauwen and his wife from Sprundel in the Netherlands.
Breeder including Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Kaatje (named after one of his little girls) or Metasequoia gigantea 'Pete's Weeping'.


Chantilly Plant Show - Spring 2017

Under a threatening sky, the new edition of the Plant Days promises to be remarkable and impressive.


For the third consecutive year, we present our Kalmias, which are gaining more and more success; as well as our collection of Sciadopitys.
For the occasion, we bring back from Germany some 8 remarkable subjects which will arouse a real interest.



The theme of the edition is 'Exuberant plants'.
We approach it with coniferous flowers, such as the pink cones of Picea abies 'Push', but also the bright colors of the new shoots of certain conifers.


This will be our only edition in 2017.
We are involved in the realization of our new online sales site, as well as the first drafts of Mundi Plantarum, our online encyclopedia. This is not an easy task !

But here we are again in 2018, for a spring edition, which we promise to be exceptional. So soon, on the Chantilly's green.


An exciting encounter with Cédric POLLET!

Friday, November 9, the association "Le sécateur" had organized a magnificent conference at the Botanical Garden of Liège. A perfect organization, a conference where we feasted and where we found some of our colleagues nurseries Hennebelle, Ventval and Bonnivers and also many known heads, which we meet regularly in gardens and plant fairs.

Cedric told us about his story, his meeting with the world of bark, this old oak tree that showed him his way and which he has yet no photo (on the photo of the conference, it is about 'another oak). Twice the dandruff has gone astray.

He made us travel through his three books, sublime.

The first, « ECORCES, voyage dans l’intimité des arbres et des arbustes » is always available from Editions Ulmer and in all good bookstores. He makes us discover the plant world by its bark, reveals the subtleties of colors over the seasons and continents. It reveals all the secrets of beautiful bark.

The second, meanwhile, is exhausted. There are only a few copies left at Cédric and you can still get it on his website:

« ECORCES, Galerie d’art à ciel ouvert » is a true condensed of artistic photos where the raw material is the bark. The artist paints stunning paintings, constantly reinvented, the son of the seasons.

He tells us about his Xylotheque (a term he invents, because nothing exists to name such a gathering), bark collection, beautifully presented.

The third, « JARDINS d’HIVER, une saison réinventée », published by Ulmer, won the Redouté prize. This magnificent book tells us about the winter garden, its short history, since the precursors of this trend are at the end of the twentieth century. It gives us a lot of examples, ideas, tips to achieve a real winter garden, more beautiful in this 'dead' season than any other. The gardens visited are chosen with reason, they are beautiful. Discover or rediscover these places, under the watchful eye and personal Cédric Pollet, was a real pleasure.



But that's not all. Our meeting is actually two days earlier. Wednesday, November 7, Cédric arrives in Bastogne to spend two short days there. He discovers our gardens and our passion and this meeting is only shared around the plant. We meet each other, that this world is even larger than we thought. We push our limits again and discover a real crazy nature.

We give him cones and he brings us beautiful postcards of his works that you can also buy on his site. It also leaves, for our attention, two more delicate notes, in dedication of his 2nd book and in our guest book.


We are delighted with this beautiful meeting, as only the world of plants has the secret. From now on, it's certain, we will not look at the bark in the same way and as soon as we cut or cut a tree, we will think of Cedric and keep him a nice sample to complete his xylotheque.


Three hours of contemplation of the Euonymus bungeanus 'Dart's Pride'


This Friday, November 9, 2018, at 19:00, at the Botanical Garden of Liège, will be held a conference by Cédric Pollet.

He will tell us about "winter gardens".

We can not wait to attend. Besides, hurry up, there are still some places.
Reservations are made by email to the following address:
This conference is organized by the association 'Le Secateur', a group of garden enthusiasts.

We take the opportunity to talk about this book. Like many, we are not insensitive to the quality of this book, as much for the photos, as for the story that is told; but especially for the richness of the gardens presented.
We had the chance to visit many, remarkable. We can only advise you to get the book and arrange visits to these places.
If the book is an enchantment, finding oneself in these paradises is an ecstasy.
We will also schedule, as much as possible, visiting the gardens, which we have not yet walked.

If the 4 heartbeat is particularly well chosen: The Pond Launay, Garden Wood Marquis, Sir Harrold Hillier Gardens, Bressingham Gardens; the other gardens mentioned are not left out. We can only recommend visiting Wisley, Savill Garden, Rosemoor, The Vasterival, among others.

For visits:

Etang de Launay, You have to contact the Hennebelle nurseries, who organize regularly and in autumn-winter, guided tours of the garden, by Jean-François Dantec himself. The next is organized on 26/10!

Jardin du Bois Marquis, you have to contact Mr. Christian Peyron directly (+33 6 08 99 02 01)

Le Vasterival, several visits are scheduled in the agenda, including one on bark on 09/11.

English gardens are usually open to the public.

Cédric Pollet's book is intoxicating and inspiring.

What good ideas to give relief to his garden in winter. What we like to emphasize is the importance of conifers.
'Jardins d'hiver' is the third and last book of a trilogy on bark. It is therefore normal that the accent is especially given to trees and shrubs with this decorative quality.
But Cédric gives us to understand, that these elements are even better highlighted with other plants, such as grasses, heather, but also the evergreen foliage conifers of which carve the most beautiful part.

The second part of the book is devoted to beautiful winter plants, starting with bark and colored wood, but it also speaks of flowers, fruits, foliage, plumes or dried umbels. His approach to winter gardens, outdoors, is unquestionably well supplied, full of examples and scenarios.

A winter garden is multiple, and will be all the more beautiful, if it is varied. If the first winter gardens were mainly coniferous, as Cédric Pollet tells, the gardeners have understood that the beautiful barks could stand out more.


What we remember

If we follow the evolution of the winter garden for the last 30 years, in the book, we find that the French had first, only retained the interest of the beautiful barks, forgetting a little, the plants originating from these gardens: conifers.
We are personally delighted, when we visit the Etang de Launay, that Jean Louis Dantec, whose garden is more or less the same age as ours (a few more years), uses with taste, and without much restraint, the conifers.
If history shows us these subtle variations of interest, we are convinced today that we can find the true balance for a harmonious and less exclusive garden.


Small flat

Franco-French exclusivity.
The many plants mentioned in the book are quite complicated to obtain. And especially with the nurserymen cited at the end of the book, which are, moreover, only French. The buffs know it and go out, borders to go find the pearls in England, Belgium and the Netherlands, mainly. All the owners of these beautiful gardens do it, we can certify it to you. It's a shame to silence the information.
Note, for example, that Stone Lane Gardens, cited and photographed in the visited gardens of the book, is also a sharp nursery in bark birches, precisely. But this is not specified.



This book is a real gem, an indisputable must-have of your library. It is full of information, touching stories, beautiful examples and especially sensitive and accurate images.
But you must also be able to read it between the lines, because it contains innumerable treasures tus.

Plant Days of TEMPLOUX

On May 11th and 12th, 2019, find us at the very first edition of Temploux plant days.


Rue Saint Fargeau 34
5020 Temploux, Namur, Belgium


Journées des plantes de TEMPLOUX


Les 11 et 12 mai 2019 retrouvez nous à la toute première édition des journées des plantes de Temploux.


Rue Saint Fargeau 34
5020 Temploux, Namur, Belgium


Open days at Les jardins du Florilège

On May 25 and 26, 2019, meet us in our gardens.


Chantilly Plant Show

From Friday 17th to Sunday 19th May 2019

We will be present at Chantilly plant days
with an important event, the setting up of our encyclopedia of plants


We keep you informed of the progress of these days, with all the details, very soon.


Days of rare plants and Collection's Plants at La Feuillerie in Celles

The 27th and 28th of April 2019

As every year, we will be present at the Days of Rare Plants and Collection's Plants at La Feuillerie in Celles, with our wonderfull finds 2019.


Journées des plantes de Chantilly

Du vendredi 17 au dimanche 19 mai 2019

Nous serons présents aux journées des plantes de Chantilly
avec un évènement d'importance, la mise en ligne de notre encyclopédie des plantes


Nous vous tenons informés du déroulement de ces journées, avec tous les détails, très prochainement.