Who are we ? - Portrait

Laurent Gillet

I studied in Carlsbourg, in the province of Luxembourg in the south of Belgium. But it was not my studies that were enough to quench my thirst for knowledge. When I was a little boy, I was gardening in my parents' flowerbeds and I was already attracted to trees and shrubs, rather than to the vegetable garden. Then, I bought books and subscribed to magazines about gardens and plants. If I know my subject as much, it is by passion. I am still as active in the discovery of new plants and I must say that today, with the Internet, access to advanced information is also very advantageous. If I do not have a spade in my hand or pruner, you will most certainly find me behind my computer.

Bénédicte Nicolas

When I was a child, nature attracted me and whatever the weather, I wandered in the forests and neighboring fields. I watched with attention the animals and birds in particular. I am passionate about plants, in contact with Laurent. We met when we was young people, and soon we traveled and shared our discoveries. I started studying architecture at La Cambre in Brussels, a way of approaching the layout of spaces in the widest sense. I have been practicing this profession for over 20 years now. I also followed a specialization in parks and gardens with great happiness. Today, we are pleased to continue our passion, which occupies all our leisure time, with our three children.