Acer buergerianum 'Shirley Debacq'

Acer buergerianum 'Shirley Debacq'

Nom vernaculaire: Trident Maple 'Shirley Debacq'
Family: Pinaceae

Small erect maple, with three-lobed, pointed leaves, very colorful and lively in autumn, from orange yellow to intense red. New bronze orange shoots. Height from 2 to 4m.


Trees and shrubs

Leaf color

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red

Ground type

  • Acidic
  • Neutral


Zone 6: from -23°C to -17°C

Interesting plant

  • In spring
  • In autumn


3 to 5m
1 to 2m

Flower color

  • Yellow


  • Sheltered winds
  • Sunny

Use in the garden

  • Isolated
  • Massif
  • Park
  • Parterre

Notable interests:

  • Foliage