Advance reminder

Plants are living organisms in their own right. They respond to their environment according to their constitution and ability to adapt. Even though the plant kingdom is the one that best adapts to changes, it turns out that not all subjects are equal and can behave differently. We can not guarantee the viability of all subjects sent, breast checked and transport tested.

You can always remove your plants from the nursery or our stand at a plant fair, which we strongly recommend. Please consult our calendar. We can also bring them near your home during one of our trips, so any arrangement is possible.

We sell rare and collectible plants whose stocks are generally very limited. Thank you for your understanding and your patience when the availability of the plants we offer.

No mail order will be returned, exchanged or refunded.

We sell plants that we ensure, on a case by case basis, quality. Quality is controlled initially and the plants sent are considered healthy and promising. The conditioning is studied and adapted according to the peculiarities and the possible fragilities of the plants. We bring a specific care. It may happen that we postpone the sending of a package, in hot weather during the vegetative period, for example; to ensure the viability of our shipment. You will be informed by email.

Only in case of damage due to the carrier or too long delivery time (beyond 15 days) , please notify us, without delay, photos required to support it (general condition of the package, Plants in the package, at the opening of the parcel and out of packaging). Condemned plants will be replaced free of charge, depending on the availability of stocks. Alternative varieties may be available in the event of a stock outage.