Our values

  • Describe all the families of plants, not only those found in nurseries, or in arboretums, but also those of nature. Trees and shrubs, conifers, perennial or annual flowers, climbers and lianas, grasses and bamboos, water plants, lychens and mosses, succulents and cacti, plants from everywhere in the world, botanical and horticultural, the rarest, but also the invasives, the most unusual and the simplest, the exuberant and the discreet, the award-winning and the popularized, all without restriction, but not exhaustively because it is simply impossible.
  • Quality photos, without being works of art, which allow to visualize several aspects of the same plant.
    Some photos are several decades old, so their definition will not always be perfect. Nevertheless, they remain the witness of some exceptional subjects, sometimes disappeared today.
  • Each photo will be located and accurately dated and accompanied by its author.
  • Descriptions in two ways:
    . A short description, free of access, giving the attractive characteristics of the plant, accompanied by a series of pictograms giving at a glance, the main basic information: Type of plant, size at 10 years, exposure, type of soil, attractions and uses. A photo.
    . A complete description, a result of our long study, providing the necessary nuances and specificities of each variety, anecdotes, tips and advice. A photo gallery presenting the different facets: colors, flowers, fruits, port, bark, ...
  • The full version will be reserved for subscribers on the basis of a monthly membership fee of € 2.
  • A partnership with nurseries who can offer you the presented varieties. In the long run, we want to offer you the most complete 'find plant' ever published.
  • Accessibility to all. From amble, the encyclopedia will exist in French and in English. Next steps will be Spanish, German, Russian, ...