The nursery

Created in 2014, our nursery is the logical continuation of our approach of collector and plants' hunters. Our hectare of plantation is slowly saturating and opening this nursery of rare plants was a new way to acquire new plants, to touch them, to live them, to photograph them, to describe them, but also to share them.

We sacrificed a small space in the garden and part of the entrance courtyard to accommodate a few tables and shade areas to provide a limited stock of plants. Our sales area wants to be inscribed in the environment, without gaudy element.

We carefully select plants from our producer friends, those we have been meeting for over 30 years now and who have accompanied us in our multiple searches. They each have their particularities, their personal collections and we are keen to make known this work of connoisseur and these priceless treasures. We make their ambassadors to a wider audience, at plant fairs, but also in our gardens and nursery.

We do not pretend to produce the plants we offer ourselves, even if some varieties come out of our land, but we are eager to find rare pearls and exceptional jewels that can be found in the four corners of the world.



In a world rocked by the 'everything, immediately' and the mass trade, it is difficult to free ourselves.
We absolutely want to move away from the big distribution that proposes plants whose culture is not respectful.

The plants we transmit are atypical, little known, but have many qualities, other than that of being adapted to mass production.

Also, it takes a lot of understanding and patience to finally access these plants out of the ordinary.

We thank you for your sense of nature.