A few statistics


On the 19th of October 2018, we want to put on line 'Mundi Plantarum', the worlds of plants, the culmination of the EuroEncycloPlant long sketched.

Our numerical basis of work:

  • 30 years of observation, contemplation, description and photographs.
  • Nearly 400 places visited, gardens, nurseries, botanical gardens, arboretums, plant fairs, all over the world.
  • A choice from more than 150,000 personal photos.
  • More than 25,000 plants already described.
  • Dozens of partners among the best horticulturists, breeders, producers, nurserymen, collectors, enthusiasts and plant lovers​

We are currently working hard, with Libramont's publishing company, db creation, on a real encyclopedia. Nearly 3000 varieties of plants should be represented in photos and described in a precise and generous way, when putting online.

As soon as it goes live, this figure will evolve rapidly, as the months go by, as an update will be made regularly, adding between 150 and 300 index cards, according to a seasonal or impulsive theme. After a few years, Mundi Plantarum should have no less than 25,000 different varieties, which is currently the EuroEncycloplant of our early years. This wealth of information, available to all subscribers, will continue to grow over the months, again and again, so the source is inexhaustible, so the botanical and horticultural world continues its effervescence and continues to amaze us.

some themes that we will address:

  • Horticultural novelties and our appreciations.
  • The plants awarded by the English RHS, the days of plants in Chantilly, among others.
  • The remarkable plants season after season.
  • The unusual plants.
  • ...