Abeliophyllum distichum


Shrub of Korean origin with spherical port and arched branches. Called white forsythia due to its white flowers from February to April before the leaves. Height 1,5m.


Trees and shrubs


Zone 7: from -17°C to -12°C

Couleur de feuille

  • Green

Couleur de fleur

  • White


  • Sheltered winds
  • Sunny
  • Part shade


150 to 200cm
1 to 2m

Intérêts remarquables

  • Flower
  • Perfume

Plante intéressante

  • In spring

Type de sol

  • Neutral

Utilisation au jardin

  • Massif
  • Parterre


  • ORIGIN: Korea, introduced in 1924.
  • CLIMATE: Resistant to -15 ° C. Requires a protections the first years against the cold.
  • EXPOSURE: Full sun and warm place, protect from winds, against a warm wall.
  • SOIL: Ordinary, well drained. Not too dry and cool.
  • GROWTH: Slow.
  • PATHOLOGY: No known disease.
  • MULTIPLICATION: By mid-August cuttings in July or by hardwood cuttings in October.
  • PRUNING: After blooming, prune all branches to 1/4 of their length, over a vigorous bud, to force the plant to reform new shoots near the base.


  • DIMENSIONS: Height from 1m to 2m.
  • HABIT: Arched shrub, can be guided as climbing.
  • TRUNK: Multi stems.
  • BRANCHES: Flexible and strongly arched.


  • SHAPE: Simple, opposite, whole, oval, 5 to 7cm long.
  • COLOR: Green, sometimes purple in autumn.
  • NOTE: Caduque, similar to that of the Abelia. They appear after the leaves.


  • TIME: Winter flowering from February to April, depending on the region. The flowers appear before the leaves.
  • FORM: Simple flowers with 4 soft petals, abundant all around the branches.
  • COLOR: White, green button.
  • NOTE: Perfumed. 


  • SHAPE: Spherical samare with a single seed.
  • COLOR: Green, sometimes pink in the center, then brown.
  • SEEDS: Round and flat, single in a fruit.

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