Abelia chinensis

  • Les jardins du Florilège

Rounded shrub with arched and supple twigs. Semi persistent. White fragrant flowers in summer. Height 1 to 1,5m.



Trees and shrubs


Zone 8: from -12°C to -7°C

Couleur de feuille

  • Cardinal red
  • Green

Couleur de fleur

  • White
  • Pink


  • Sheltered winds
  • Sunny


100 to 150cm
1 to 2m

Intérêts remarquables

  • Foliage
  • Flower
  • Perfume

Plante intéressante

  • In summer
  • In autumn

Type de sol

  • Acidic

Utilisation au jardin

  • Hedge
  • Massif
  • Parterre


  • ORIGIN: Central and Eastern China in temperate regions. The Abelia was discovered by British Doctor Clarke Abel in 1816-17. The new genus Abelia was created in 1825 following this discovery. Introduced into culture in 1844.
  • CLIMATE: Resistant to -10 ° C. One of the most hardy in the species.
  • EXPOSURE: Sunny.
  • SOIL: Well drained, slightly acid. This plant is resistant to drought.
  • GROWTH: Normal to fast.
  • Pathology
  • MULTIPLICATION: By herbaceous cuttings in July-August.
  • Use: Hedge, boarder or isolated.
  • Mérit: Award of Merit 1976 (RHS).


  • DIMENSIONS: Can reach up to 1.5m to 2m in good conditions, height as width.
  • HABIT: Its port is at the same time bushy and flared, supple and dense.
  • Trunk: Multi stems and bushy.
  • BARK: Light brown to olive green, vertically rift, exfoliating with age. Branches finely pubescent reddish.
  • Branches: Woody and cylindrical rods.
  • Note:


  • SHAPE: Single sheet, opposite; pennate; blade lanceolate and toothed; pointed top; cuneiform base.
  • COLOR: Shiny green that becomes purple bronze in autumn.
  • Buds:
  • Note: Deciduous or semi-persistent, even persistent in mild climate.


  • DATE: July-August and can sometimes reach October.
  • SHAPE: In corymbe of tubular flowers terminated in 5 lobes, length of a flower: 2cm.
  • COLOR: White tinged with pink, rosy calyx.
  • NOTE: Perfumed flowering, capable of embalming a whole garden in hot weather. Melliferous.


  • SHAPE: Akene, indehiscent dry fruit. It does not open to maturity. Insignificant.
  • COLOR: Green to beige.
  • SEEDS: One seed per fruit.
  • Note:

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