MENZIESIA ciliicalyx or RHODODENDRON multiflorum

A new arrival, straight from Scotland, to the nursery, with a brand new variety!

MENZIESIA ciliicalyx 'Spring morning'

With its hasty flower, this Menziesia offers a new color in the usual salmon pink palette. The bells turn rather yellow with maturity. At the break, they have beautiful bright colors, orange yellow to bright pink, gradient towards the end of the corolla. Its foliage, meanwhile, is close to 'Ylav' variety, bright green in summer, then hot orange-red in autumn.

Even if the Menziesia has been reclassified into Rhododendron multiflorum, for some years already; many horticulturists have retained their designation of origin. It is true that its flower will be more like Enkiantus, or even Pieris; finally only its genetics can definitively integrate it to the great family of Rhododendrons. Flowering occurs in May and lasts a few weeks. Its foliage is light and systematically proposes a very beautiful autumn colors, ranging from yellow to bright red. A heathland plant, it needs acidic, rich, moist soil, but still relatively drained. In the shade or half shade, It behaves like a small bush very light, with fine ventilated branches. It will also stand sunny position, even if its overall appearance will be less attractive. Its growth is voluntary, but it will not exceed 80 to 100cm high for a width a little more generous, 1.2 to 1.5m.

Other varieties are also available now, in limited quantities:

MENZIESIA ciliicalyx 'Ylva'

MENZIESIA ciliicalyx 'Honshu Blue'

MENZIESIA ciliicalyx 'Plum Drups'

MENZIESIA ciliicalyx 'Shepherds Delight'

MENZIESIA ciliicalyx 'Pink Icicles'


Infos pratiques

Menziesia are rare plants that are difficult to find in Europe. We are working to try to make them more accessible and the plants of this new production may be already available in 2020.

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