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Madam director, Sir director,

Ladies and Gentlemen the teachers.

                        To have enjoyed some similar experiments passed with the classes of our children, we wish to open the doors of our gardens to you and to propose some didactic ballades to you.

Whether in the spring or fall from May to June and from September to early November, the garden is full of secrets, treasures and surprises.

We propose to you to make them discover with your pupils.

Several topics can be approached. We can work besides together on a more specific topic in order to supplement your teaching program.

Here are some examples :

        Plants, their diversity by their type, shape, colors, attractions

        Fossil plants in the footsteps of dinosaurs

        The role of vegetables in the natural balance of our earth

        The role of insects and invertebrates

The visits can proceed the morning or the afternoon, to decorate itself of a picnic at midday. They are guided and begin with the apprehension of the rules of the respect for the nature generally and for our gardens in particular.

They are accompanied by didactic cards which support and colour the explanations.

We propose then and to end, an entertaining break by organizing a game (of hide-and-seek, tracks, roles) in gardens and resuming the main lines of the theme approached during the visit.

Formulas in the choice can be also organized in total coordination with the teachers.

We can propose also didactic workshops on one of the themes of the garden and the botany: do-it-yourself, drawings, paints, sculptures, tales, herbariums, boxes with insects, observation, ...

Activities can then take place over one to several days together or spread over the year.

Do not hesitate to send us your desires, your ideas.

We are at your disposal to build your project together.

Registration and information :

Contact us

- by e-mail (lesjardinsduflorilege@gmail.com)

- by phone (+32 61 21 83 24 et +32 484 492 412)

The visit of 2:30, guide and included organized game, for a maximum group of 50 children at the 100,00€ price.

Free picnic in the garden, extra € 20.00.

The visit addresses the children of the maternal and primary classes.

open their doors

The « Jardins du Florilège »

In a unique site in Bastogne, a garden of 1 ha,

come to live NATURAL adventures with your class.

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