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Les jardins du Florilège

The formula « hands in pockets »

You do not feel the soul of a gardener ? No worries, we organize everything for you.


First visit. We shall see together all the projects you undertake and how they can be to a successful conclusion.

We listen to you, we exchange some opinions to clearly identify what you want to do.

          STEP 1 is FREE

        includes the visit. Warning no advice is given during this visit.


If you make us the order, we develop your project and you receive a book containing all project ideas in the form of plan sketches, photomontage, list of plants and materials, description of the phases of the work,...

We present the book during a second visit will allow us to refine the project and make important decisions.
STEP 2 in package € 300,00

        includes the project book and visit.


You have studied the proposed book and have made your choices.

We organize a new visit in order to become acquainted with your choices.

On this basis, we adapt the project and organize requests for quotations from contractors that we take care of the work.

We make you an offer for the supply of plants.

We take this information into a quote book and send it to you by email.

          STEP 3 at 200,00 € package

        includes visit and quote book.

STAGE 4 and following

You studied the notebook estimate well and made your choices.

You want to start work.

We plan work and let us coordinate them for you.

Each visit required will be charged at the price of € 90.00 per visit.

Attention visits are needed throughout the work to ensure the proper conduct of these.

          STAGE 4 and following with the fixed price of 90,00€

        includes visits, coordination of work and important guidelines.


The courtesy visit.
At the end of the work, we give you a final visit to assess the results and give you the care instructions.

          The courtesy visit is FREE.

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