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We carry all your outdoor amenities :

- terraces, barbecue, summer kitchen ...

- low walls, bank, treatment of the made uneven...

- parts and plans of water, ponds, fountains...

- plantations, flowerbeds, mixed boarder, hedges, scum, vegetable gardens, orchards...

- grassed areas, rock drains, paved...

- amendment and treatment of poor soils, wet, dry...

Conception, design and free estimate

Free delivery of plants in the province of Luxembourg

Made by skilled workers or by you.

We support the work that they may be made respecting the rules of art and the nature of plants.

It is also a seedbed.

We cultivate our own plants of which the feet mothers are in the arboretum.

We also reaping from selected producers carefully vigorous exception of plants,

healthy and perfect for your garden.
We select plants for their qualities to be beautiful and have little maintenance.

One of our specialties is the dwarf and miniature plants that retain a nice uniform and compact without being cut.

In the nursery, we do not accept payment by credit card.

Gardens of the Anthology: what is this?

In fact, it is a whole concept on the set of themes of the plants and the gardens.

It is before a whole arboretum of one hectare gathering several collections of plants :

- more than 2300 conifers

- almost 140 boxwood

- and many other trees and shrubs

Entrance fee for the visit : 2 €

Guided tour on request.

It is also a different approach to accompany you in your projects gardens and nature. We just gardening with you, we give you the best advice to analyze your wishes and your project and we put up with you.

We connect you with the best contractors who can do the work for you, if you prefer this optics.

And finally, we shall propose you throughout the year workshops and internships for all ages. The theme of the gardens is so vast that our range of activities is very varied.

We'll talk to you later. The first internships will be planned in July and August and the first workshops from October.

The "didactic" formula

The formula " hands in pocket "

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The « Jardins du Florilège »

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Throughout the year, we participate in various events such as fairs plants, plant day, flower markets, market peddlers, days of tree nurseries... without forgetting days " open Doors " of the Gardens of the Anthology.

You will find the list of all these events by clicking the button "Schedule" situated in top of this page.

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