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The "star" of our gardens in 2017

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or sometimes called RHODODENDRON MENZIESA.

Plant not very common and particularly difficult to unearth in seedbeds.

In 2017, we will have a modest amount about it.

It is about a small ground shrub of heather which is fond of a ground acid and ventilated (of heather + sand of the Rhine is in hiding) and the places mid--shaded with shaded.

Its port is bushy, broader than high and ventilated. The branches particularly fine, are staged in cascade.

The flowers appear at the end of May for a long period of more than one month and form pink bouquets of small bells creams at the ends of the branches.

It will be our favorite 2017.

Then, do not hesitate with préréserver this plant out of commun run, very robust and frost-resistant, a 80 cm height 1 m and more or less 1.20 m from width.

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Menziesa Ciliicalix

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