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Star 2017

Since 2016, the « Jardins du Florilège » are a member of the association of the  « Open Gardens of Belgium »

Our first visible video on our channel YouTube

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Garden plants









The novelties

We dedicate the largest part of our time to the elaboration of our encyclopedia

“Mundi Plantarum”.

Its realization requires numerous searches because we want to present you a work of very high quality to any points of view.

It is the reason why we will be done rare during this autumn and we ask you to excuse us.

You will find us in force from spring 2018.



Our second visible video on our channel YouTube

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Ideas of visits

Our days “Open Doors” of the weekend of the October 7th and 8th, 2017

Slowly, autumn colors settle down. The yellow of conifers become intensified for our greater pleasure. This autumn, gardens will be magnificent. We invite you cordially to come to visit them during days " Open Doors " the weekend of October 7th and 8th, 2017.

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Works of pruning

In order to bring back light and space to certain places of the gardens, we must reinvent, reorganize, renew the flowerbeds. The approach is rather positive and the months of August and September are favourable with this kind of work. The next year, we will be happy to rediscover these spaces in another way and we will find new opportunities of planting other vegetative layers. We think of Menziesas, Erica, Calluna and some long-lived of shade. Do you have proposals to make us?

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Sounding relating to Picea abies 'Wingle Weeper', emblematic and major figure of the "Jardins du Florilège"

Every spring, this conifer bends more the spinal column under the weight of the new shoots. Its roots adapt unceasingly to its new morphology. However, we are afraid to lose it because of winds and of the snow which would add in weight in a brutal and uncontrolled way. Also, we decided to support it and to take advantage of it to guide it a little. We think of several solutions. Help we to choose.

First proposition :

Steel discreet support (round posts and possibly cable) guiding it in the right flowerbed only. It will be necessary to push it a little.

Second proposition :

Simple support in posts and beams of wood handled in autoclave, allowing to pass its drape of needles over the way. It will also be necessary to push it a little through the way.

Third proposition :

Installation of a decorative rectangular metal arch. To make pass the trunk over and distribute the needles on both sides. This option is more binding because it will be necessary to force it more.

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Click on the picture to enlarge it.