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The novelties available in tree nursery.

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Star 2017

Since 2016, the « Jardins du Florilège » are a member of the association of the  « Open Gardens of Belgium »

Our first visible video on our channel YouTube

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Garden plants









The new catalogs 2017 for trees and shrubs, conifers, and perennials have been displayed online. You can consult them by clicking the button "Catalog" in the menu of heading of page.

You will find on the page of “the schedule” our press kit for spring as well as the press kit for the fairs with the plants of Chantilly (France). You can consult them by clicking the button "Schedule" in the menu of heading of page.

The novelties

Since April 27th at 2 p.m., our project “Mundi Plantarum” is put online on the platform “Miimosa.com/be”.

It is about a platform which organizes the called participative financings “Crowdfunding”. These projects must be dynamic and innovating and be in relation to agriculture, the horticulture and the food.

If we share that with you it is because we need your assistance to be our partners in this adventure. This work represents a titanic task and we only will not be able to come to end, whereas all together we can arrive there.

Our project being opened, thank you to become acquainted of it, to speak about it around you and especially to transmit your comments to us.

For more than 25 years, we have observed the plants of the whole world, photograph them, described them in a database which counts currently more than 25,000 different plants. Does this work suggest all the vegetable biodiversity of this ground, that which we want at all costs to save and transmit to our children. How to better save our heritage than while learning with knowing best?

This is why we want to share our knowledge most largely possible. We work to create an encyclopaedia except standard online. It is about a long-term project of which the first edition will come out in spring 2018. We all will work there like a navvy and we need you! We envisaged counterparts worthy of your commitment at our sides.

“Mundi Plantarum” is an encyclopaedia of the plants online whose you will find below the explanations useful and I invite you to visit our page on the site “Miimosa.com/be” while clicking on the button located under the photo.



Our second visible video on our channel YouTube

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